Old Style : Thai's house

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 Old Style : Thai's house



The ancient Thai house clearly reflects the Thai people's way of life. A Thai house has different features according to the region, the environment, and the influences of neighboring areas, so the interior arrangement and the exterior appearance vary somewhat, yet they are recognizably Thai.

A traditional Thai house is a one-storied house on an elevated platform with an airy, open ground level for ventilation and protection from floods, as most Thai people live in lowlands, where they can farm, but flooding also occurs. The " basement," which is actually not underground but the open space under the elevated house, can be used for various activities and for storing tools and equipment for agriculture and fishing. Thai people's houses usually have three walls,with the fourth side open, and the exterior of the walls may have many designs; the roof is steep and has a long stretching eave to give shade from the burning sunlight. The wide-open veranda is used for various activities such as sitting and enjoying the cool air or eating food, and is normally connected to the kitchen and the bathroom. If two families live together, a second house is built and connected with the old one by the common veranda.


The construction of a Thai house uses only pins and pegs to join the boards together, not nails. Since, by tradition, house building must be completed in one day, the villagers use collective labor. The house can be dismantled, moved, and rebuilt right away. The wisdom of the Thai craftsmen in the old days can be seen from the construction style, which is easy but strong and comfortable. It can be said that the traditional Thai house is harmoniously designed to blend with the environment of Thailand.

Thai houses can still be found along the rivers and canals in Ayutthaya, Lopburi, and Suphanburi and the Ruean Ton, the group of Thai teakwood houses at Vimanmek Mansion, established by King Rama V.


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